Earth Day 2024: Planet Vs. Plastics 

1 week ago

Written by Sharma Shields

I laughed out loud reading the subtitle of a recently published book on the climate crisis called I Want a Better Catastrophe (see the full title in the book list below), recognizing myself in the term “Compassionate Doomer.” Local novelist Alexis M. Smith and I used to joke about doing a “Doom & Gloom Literary Tour” throughout the Northwest, her novel Marrow Island being about ecological despair, and my novel, The Cassandra, being about the Manhattan Project. My doomy perspective it that I’m not sure which will kill humanity off first: a lack of resources due to global climate change or the terrifying inevitability of nuclear warfare. Either one will set off the certainty of the other. I worry, always, about the world’s children. 

As wonderfully innovative and creative as humans can be, we are also ...

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